On behalf of all the researchers that are currently part of the Sensory Systems Research Group (GISS), I would like to welcome you to this website where you will find updated information about our work.

Above, a photo taken in the laboratory of Intelligent Sensors
from Yale University (July 2008)

The GISS group was founded in November 2009 by three professors from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation at the University of Extremadura (Spain) and a radiophysicist from Mérida’s Hospital, with the idea of ​​carrying out research tasks in the field of sensory systems. These tasks include analyzing and modeling wave propagation mechanisms, designing signal acquisition and digital processing systems and algorithms, developing AI-based data analysis strategies, and communicating the information derived from these analyses. Eight years later, our group has doubled the number of members, leading one European project, three national projects and one regional project, publishing the results of this research in leading international journals in their area, and establishing important collaborations with other national and international research groups.

Ten years later, in Badajoz

The GISS group (ref. TIC006) is one of the 17 research groups in the area of ​​ICT of our region’s System of Science and Innovation, and it is composed of graduates in Physics, Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering, of which 3 are PhD researchers, 2 are graduate researchers, 2 are training staff and one is auxiliary personnel.