Fernando Jesús Aranda Polo

Fernando J. Aranda received his B.Sc. degree in Physics from the University of Extremadura, Badajoz, Spain, in 2018 and obtained his M.Sc with a master’s degree in simulation of science and engineering problems, specializing in the simulation of physical phenomena the following year in the same University. Since 2019 he has been part of the Sensory System Research Group, where he has developed his research activity around the development of local positioning systems, and where he is currently studying to obtain his Ph.D.

His current research interests are fingerprinting positioning, machine learning, and radio frequency signal propagation and modeling.

International Journal Articles


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José Antonio Paredes Moreno, Fernando J. Álvarez, Teodoro Aguilera Benítez and Fernando Jesús Aranda Polo. "Precise Drone Location and Tracking by Adaptive Matched Filtering from a Top-View ToF Camera", Expert Systems with Applications, vol. 141, no. 2020, September 2019, pp. 1-13